Friday, April 17, 2015

Some things just shouldn't exist: new YA UF release, IMPOSSIBLE INTERN

Despite being depressed after her high-school graduation, insecure artist Alice Stone has a bright summer awaiting her. She’s managed to land an internship at the prestigious National Gallery of Art, a perfect entrance into the fascinating world of art and art curation.

All that changes one hot summer night in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. A trip to a party leads to an encounter with an otherworldly creature called an impossible, a type of being so bizarre most people can’t even remember seeing one.

Her immunity to the imp catches the attention of a secretive government agency and the owner of a mysterious library in Oregon. There’s also the little matter of the shadowy lizard eyes that seem to be following her around.

Alice planned to spend her summer interning at an art gallery, not a magical library. Now she finds herself drawn into a deadly world of magical factions and a ruthless sorceress boss determined to unlock the intern’s mystical potential at whatever cost.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Month, New Project Report


So now that Osland is over, what's in store?

Well, the primary thing that I have been working on and is in store in the near future is a new YA UF series (yes, I know such a shocking departure from what I've already done).

The main protagonist in this new series is a bit older (18) and a high-school graduate, so there's be a bit less school hi-jinks this time around, but I think people who liked the Osland Trilogy will also enjoy this new series with the tentative title for book one of THE IMPOSSIBLE INTERN.

This series is going to be structured a bit differently in that it'll initially be a bit more episodic than what we I had in Osland, especially given the nature of the paranormal elements, but this doesn't mean I won't have a continuing plot, just that things may go on a bit more than three books depending on how things flow.

There'll be romantic elements, but they'll be a bit more slow burn than in Osland.

I'll note that despite the heavy hinting at other supernaturals in the Osland Trilogy, this series is not directly connected. I previously had an idea for another series directly connected, but for the moment, I wanted to start a new series with less setting baggage, though I may revisit the Osland world in the future (i.e., explore the mysterious 'information' contact that Miss Norris kept mentioning).

I'm working with a bit of a different protagonist type this time around. Typically, my protagonists tend to be very self-assured (more than a few have said cocky), whereas I'm going for a lead that's a bit more unsure herself at first. We'll see how it works out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Final City, Book 3 of the Osland Trilogy

With the arrival of summer at Osland Academy, Gail finds the lack of rift bleed and fanatical assassins a welcome change of pace. When Nick asks to introduce her to his parents, she wonders if it’d be less painful to take on an army of rift monsters. It doesn't help when he makes a shocking suggestion that has Gail questioning the very nature of her love for Nick.

Her relationship troubles are bad enough, but when Brunhilde finally surfaces and launches a series of brutal attacks, Gail realizes it is only a matter of time before her nemesis attempts her final revenge. Love may be an afterthought with death coming to Seattle.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Even When Experiments Fail They Still Give You Useful Data

So, you may have noticed I didn't start posting any serial episodes.

After four weeks and tens of thousands of words, I realized that the serial format just doesn't mesh with my style as a writer. As a result, I tossed those words.

I suppose it was a good experiment, and I wouldn't have known that it doesn't work for me unless I tried it. That said, it kind of ruins my desire to bounce around a bit more, but every single writer on the planet has that problem, so boo hoo, I can just put on my big boy pants and do some prioritization.

Some of the ideas and plots I was looking at for the serials may be recycled into full-length novels in the future.

So, where am I at now?

The good news is, I'll finish up the primary draft of THE FINAL CITY this week, and go into editing following Christmas, with a tentative release date of January 15.

That book will of course finish off the Osland Trilogy, and I'm exploring my options for further YA paranormal work depending on how the last book is received, though I'm generally sticking my plan to write (well, really, extensively edit an existing draft) the second in my Cleansing War saga fantasy series for a spring 2015 release.